All-wheelchair / All-female cast

Half-hour show

A paraplegic psychiatrist creates a utopian meta-world to upload her consciousness into then turns it into a safe haven for the abused, but the personal growth she tries to inspire in her patients gets destroyed when they treat her like a god.



Kiera Nella is a paraplegic psychiatrist with a goal to walk again. Her only hope is a brand-new brain chip stolen from Elon Musk’s Neuralink Company that she bought on the black market.

Kiera receives the implant inside an abandoned garage on the back lot of a farm far away from society and security cameras. But when things go wrong the botched procedure leaves her near death. The doctor considers her a failed experiment and leaves her to die.

But something mysterious happens. The chip alters her physiology. Kiera’s body fuses with her environment like moss growing on a rock. She’s alive but in a very different way.

Kiera develops an awareness of dimensions and intelligences no human has ever imagined. And she can manipulate them with her thought. Turns out, the chip is not a “motor” chip for disabled people. It’s an experimental chip for “higher thinking.”

Kiera builds a metaverse nicknamed “Kieraverse” for her to escape into. She uploads her consciousness into this new world where she is able bodied and free.

But she is still fused to this physical reality. Kiera is a bridge between both worlds. She can’t separate herself from either, or she’ll die.

Kiera is the first truly “Transhuman.”

Then she creates a Garden of Eden for her most in-need patients to seek refuge in. But running utopia gets complicated when endless possibilities turn into endless conflict.

And about that original goal to walk again? She gets to do that. But only in the Kieraverse.



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